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February 10, 2022

Test Detergent Creative Activation

Following the unforgettable product launch by our team, Pars Hayat detergent products (Test) aims to generate considerable awareness of its product’s capabilities and features. To achieve this goal, we have devised a creative BTL marketing campaign that combines technology and innovation. Our strategy involves setting up a portable booth equipped with an engaging Augmented Reality (AR) game that will showcase the benefits of Test detergent in a fun and interactive way.


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    Creative & Art Direction, Production Management

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    Pars Hayat - Test

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    Activation, Campaign, Creative, Sampling


Comes Next!

Pars Hayat (Test) company believes; if an Iranian family tries one of their products, they will definitely come back for more. Since they believe they are the most professional leaders among competitors.

Here comes Pars Hayat (Test) asking for creative ideation about sampling so that the purpose of Iranian families’ acquaintance with the products-a product for each Iranian family- is accomplished. That’s why this widespread campaign was implemented all over Iran by the DMN experience agency.

Creative Ideation

Comes Out!

Here we go for the ideation, considering the following core concepts of the Test;

First is a “magnet”, which can be seen on all products to convey the strength they attract dirt. 

Second is the strong scent of products. 

Last is the thorough selection of products for laundry, dishes, bathroom and so on. 


Sampling Booth Design

Two shelves on the right and left side, filled with the products rather than other decorative objects, since the brand was new and it was necessary to catch the eyes of the audience. This way as audience was getting a sample or playing the game, they could also check, smell and actually get more familiar with the products.

In the middle, we had a TV connected to an AR device to stream our game installed on the tablet plus some useful information on a loop display, while there wasn’t any game played. 


Now Creative Chapter

This is where the creative part happens. First of all, to display the magnetic power of the Test, we created a super-sized magnet with a tablet inside, for the player to hold and kick off the game. Secondly, to showcase the selection of products, we created structures like a piece of clothing and a plate on the ground. When the magnet was held toward the structures the QR code was read and stains would start to appear on the structures making them look like dirty clothes and dishes. Now it’s the player’s turn to hold the magnet towards the structures and attract as much dirt as possible for a new record of the game; quite an experience besides getting a sample to make TEST difficult to forget.


Pandemic Effects

Although a part of the ideation was not implemented due to the pandemic, we creatively managed to convey what the brand wanted to position in audiences’ minds, while distributing many small-packed products such as laundry detergents and dish detergents produced by the company.

Locations Around Iran
Sampled Products

The team

Meet Our
Professional Team.

Creative Team

— Kaveh Kazemee
Creative & Art Director

— Farzan Mir Mohammadi

Interactive Artist

— Shadi Ramezani

Graphic Designer

Production Team

— Reza Akbari

Production Director

— Omid Hasani
HR Management

— Ahmad Aravan
— Mona Saghaee

Account Team

Art Team

— Kaveh Aram
Photographer and Videographer

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