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Sunnyness Digital Campaign

We decided to reactivate the inactive Instagram page of The Sunnyness juice brand, due to major changes in the brand’s strategies and the introduction of new products. After careful analysis and ideation, we developed four categories for creating Sunnyness’s social media content.



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    Creative Direction, Photography, 3D Animation and Motion

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    Animation, Campaign, Creative, Photography


Comes Next!

The Instagram page of the Sunnyness juice brand had been inactive for over two years and there had been no activity on it. On the other hand, the strategies of the brand had undergone major changes. As a modern marketing requirement where brands must have an active presence on social media, the marketing team and I, as the head of visual communications of Marina Holding, decided to reactivate this page with a strong start based on the new strategies.

We had recently developed a new strategy for the brand and had also decided to don’t continue using the brand ambassador in our advertising and communication activities. On the other hand, we had introduced new products with creative flavors. With all these developments, the previous paths of social media were not applicable. Therefore, after careful analysis and continuous ideation, we reached four main categories for creating Sunnyness social media content, which you will see these contents in the below based on these categories.

Sunnyness, Best Sense


We recently changed the brand slogan. A slogan that has a better alignment with the new brand strategies. Sunnyness, Best Sense To properly convey this slogan to the audience and enable them to connect with it perfectly, we decided to use typography techniques in our designs to directly and accurately convey the best Sense to the audience.

Introduction of Lid Label


Lid Label in Use

Photography and Doodling

To introduce and emphasize the Lid Label to the audience and consumers, we took photos of people using it in various settings such as parks, libraries, and more, and combined pictures with line illustrations that recall the ambiance of that occasion.

Entertainment with interactive posts

3D Animation and Photo Manipulation

The target audiences of Sunnyness products are generally young people and teenagers, and considering our understanding of this generation, we have added this category to our various posts. In interactive posts, we asked the audience to give the correct answer to a question raised in the post and receive a prize, and this type of posts has greatly helped the progress of the page’s followers.

The team

Meet Our
Professional Team.

Creative Team

— Kaveh Kazemee
Creative & Art Director

— Shabnam Moeinitabar

Marketing Team

— Behzad Khoraman
Marketing Director

— Zohreh Safaie
Associate Brand Manager

Art Team

Hossein Qasemzadeh
3D Modeling and Animation

— Mina Babapour
Hamid Dehghanian

Erfan Haghi

Vahid Eslami

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