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Art Direction

Night King Energy Drink Key Visual Design

We designed a stunning key visual for Night King, a high-quality energy drink brand, which can be used for advertising and as a point-of-sale material. Realistic modeling and rendering approach, we executed the concept, enhancing it in post-production to deliver a captivating final design suitable for various media.



  • Task

    Creative Art Direction, 3D Modeling and Rendering, Photo Retouching, and POSM Design

  • Client

    Night King

  • Tags

    Art Direction, Design, Key Visual, Po

Insight and Brief:

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Night_King is a high-quality energy drink brand under the Zarin Jam Marina holding company. Although it is an almost new brand, it has gained an acceptable position among fans of this type of beverage due to its quality and creative advertising content, resulting in a loyal customer base. The marketing team of this brand needed a master visual to be used in advertising activities such as billboards, light-boxes in shopping centers, branding on distribution vehicles, and also as point-of-sale materials. This master visual should present the products in an appealing manner while incorporating the brand’s visual mood and guidelines. Ultimately, it should be visually stunning and captivating.


The main idea and concept:

Comes Out!

Based on this brief, our team began brainstorming and generating multiple concepts while parallel researching and analyzing designs in the industry. Once we concluded that we had the best result, we presented our proposal and the concept sketches to the Night_King marketing team, who not only approved it but also expressed their admiration. After the idea and sketch were approved, we started working on the precise execution of the concept.

3D Modeling of Objects:

Design Process!

Given the importance of high-quality execution and attention to detail in Night_King brand, we chose a photorealistic modeling and rendering approach over the two possible methods, photography and 3D. This allowed us to have control over all the details, including precise object placement in the image, desired materials, and lighting.
Before After

Adding Details and Color Correction:

Design Process!

After the initial render was ready, we meticulously added all the desired details in the post-production phase using Photoshop. This included adding bubbles inside the glass, smoke, and mist in the environment, correcting the colors of the products, and adjusting the existing lighting. The final output was designed and finalized in the following manner: 


Meet Our
Professional Team.

Creative Team

— Kaveh Kazemee
Creative & Art Director

Art Team

— Ahmad Kouti
3D Modeling and Rendering

Art Team

— Shahin Rezaieh
Graphic Designer

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