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Marina, Dubai, UAE

June 10, 2022

Night King Birthday Event

We have conceptualized and executed an event to commemorate the anniversary of the Night King brand, exclusively for the internal team. The event was accompanied by a visually stunning 3D motion graphic as a master visual and presentation theme, which was both innovative and unique.



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    Creative & Art Direction, Event Management, Copywriting, Presentation Design

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    Night King Energy Drink

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Night_King is a high-quality energy drink brand that is one of the Zarin Jam Marina holding brands. Although it has not been in existence for long since its founding, due to its quality and high-quality advertising content, it has been able to find a suitable position among fans of this type of drink and has loyal customers.
As the head of visual communications of the Marina holding, in consultation with the brand manager, we decided to hold a celebration event on the occasion of the brand’s anniversary and present a report on its achievements over the past year.
Considering that the Night King brand was very valuable to the Marina holding managers, everything had to be designed and executed in the best possible quality. 
So we got to work and carried out the following steps in order:
Based on the successes of the marketing and sales team of this brand, all sales and performance charts showed high growth, which depicted an attractive image of growth and progress. Therefore, these charts were used to design the event’s visual materials.


Now we needed a motivational slogan that would show that these successes are not the end, but rather a new beginning for achieving even more success and accomplishments. With this concept in mind, we came up with the slogan “Progress in Process” and tried not to overlook the good things that have happened along the way. By using the word “process”, we indicated that there are still countless achievements awaiting this brand.


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The presentation of this event, which was the most important part of it, had to be designed based on the overall theme as well as the main concept, in order to accurately showcase all the achievements and activities of this period for the internal team of Marina.
Designing the event theme and ambiance that must be in harmony with the marketing character and essence of the Night King brand. Night King is a reflection of nightclub and nightlife in all its visual advertising and communications. So we designed the event’s theme, layout, hospitality style, and lighting similar to an attractive night party.


Meet Our
Professional Team.

Creative Team

— Kaveh Kazemee
Creative & Art Director

Art Team

— Hossein Qasemzadeh
3D Designer and Motion Designer

— Reza Mosafer
Light Engineer

— Shahin Rezaieh
Graphic Designer

— Vahid Eslami

Management and Account Team

— Mariye Nikpay
Event Coordinator

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