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December 24, 2019

Digistyle Marketplace Event

We’ve designed a creative event for Digistyle company to launch their new marketplace on their foundation anniversary.



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    Awareness Campaign, Educating People, Interaction with Audience

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    Creative & Art Direction, Event Management

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    Campaign, Event


Comes Next!

Here come Digistyle, concerned about connecting premium fashion designers with customers and here we go designing an event where we could introduce this new business model of Digistyle to the Iranian fashion market.


Digistyle New
Business Model.

In the Digistyle new business model, interaction among fashion bloggers, fashion designers, fashion activists, customers and Digistyle is a must. Digistyle new business model will help fashion designers find customers easily and sell their fashion products with good margins to them, also this new business model help customers find fashion products with best prices. The link that Digistyle creates between fashion designers and fashion customers needed a worthy introducing. To introduce that link we design a campaign where to show Digistyle as a thread, that is the very first part and the base of the fashion industry.


The Primary Audience

Iranian Fashion Designers:

The Iranian fashion designers’ main concern is to access to new sales channels and sell their products to end-users. They need a platform to present, sell, forward and deliver their fashion products to end-users.


The Secondary Audience

Iranian Fashion Designers

The secondary audience of the new Digistyle market place are celebrities, fashion photographers, fashion models, fashion bloggers, etc.

Collaborating with fashion designers newly joined Digistyle will create new opportunities for them to work and grow.


Art Gallery

Carrying on an exclusive fashion event and inviting the fashion activists needed a certain type of venue. So, we recommended Barook gallery where there was a modern atmosphere and completely differs from other venues. Barook was the best place we could have chosen to hold our ideas correctly. Our choice to hold the event in the Barook gallery was because of the style of lighting in the gallery, the layout and design of the gallery building, and is designed in three different floors. These characteristics let us be capable of doing all the event activities.

Core Concept

Follow the Clue

In the fashion industry, the very basis and the first tangible thing is the thread. We saw Digistlye as the thread linking fashion designers and end-users. In the Iranian culture providing “Sar e nakh” [tip of the thred] is considered very positive and promising. The core concept comes as the Digistyle giving the “Sar e nakh” to fashion designers. The fashion designers by following the Sar e nakh can reach to their target audience and sell their products with good margins, they can build their brands, they can get viral and they can create their own fans bases. So the event and all the activities follow this concept.


Invitation Process

We had both online and offline invitation cards. Each one delivered some details about the event and both of them had the main concept in it. The offline invitation card was working like a teasing, it only had a thread, the slogan, and the address. Every audience should have delivered the remained part of the message by the online invitation card.

Event Branding


At the event branding, we’ve planned for the best possible professional solution to communicate with fashion designers effectively. Thread as the main element of the event concept has been used in the different activities and spaces of the event. By mixing thread and different icons of the fashion industry we could have provided an appropriate atmosphere for fashion designers. For the lighting of the event, we used the main colors of the Digistyle brand.
The first floor of Barook was designed like a well-tailored gallery for fashion designers. Fashion industry activists gather in this gallery, chill out there, eat their snacks and socialize with each other. The second floor of the Barook gallery was dedicated to the event activities, and the third floor was the presentation place.


Creative Presentation

In the Digistyle new marketplace event, the presentation strategy was different; To attract fashion designers with their weird and special attitude, we have set the stage in the middle of the hall and project the presentation at the four corners of the hall. And the audience was watching the presentation while standing. Every presenter by waving their hand and pointing to the other corner could change the slide also the wall that presenting it!


Spinning Machine

In the second floor, we had located DJ area with special lighting, photography booth which was a cube made up of thread that the audience could enter the cube, take photographs with fashion elements and deliver their photograph instantly.

And the last activity was the exclusive activity of the event, the interactive spinning machine. The journey starts with a thread and every person in the event by spinning this machine can watch the history of the fashion industry and when it comes to date, they should be a contributor to that.

Digistyle Event Activity


New Approach
To Gifts

Our approach to gifts was totally different from other events. We planned gifts as the donation to two different CSR campaigns. First one was a donation to household tailors and the second one was a donation to arboriculture. Each participant in the event could select his own way to donate to two separated CSR campaigns.


Lets Check Out
The Event

Digistyle Event Activity


Meet Our
Professional Team.



Creative Team

— Kaveh Kazemee
Creative & Art Director

— Farzan Mir Mohammadi
Interactive Artist

— Shadi Ramezani
Graphic Designer

Art Team

— Amir Rezai

— Mahsa Shakeri

— Ramin Karimi
Installation Artist

— Vahid Eslami

Management and Account Team

— Pouya Ghaznavi
Managing Director

— Ahmad Aravan
— Mona Saghaee
— Mahsa Ahmadpour

Account Team

— Omid Hasani

— Reza Akbari
Production Director

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