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Art Direction
January 20, 2022

Digikala Key Visual and Trophy Design

We’ve developed a creative design idea and a package design solution for Zidasht Company to launch their new product categories.



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    Key Visual Design, Trophy Design, Creative Art Direction

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Comes Next!


Before the COVID pandemic, Digikala contacted us to organize their Digikala Mag Award. In this event, the best brands of the year were introduced based on the votes of the Digikala audience and consumers, and they were awarded a trophy.
One of Digikala’s concerns was to create a sense of credibility and trust in this event. They had planned to hold this event annually and to showcase the popular brands among Digikala’s audience and consumers, which can be considered a symbol of the entire Iranian society.


Comes Out!

Based on Digikala’s brief and extensive brainstorming and research, we concluded that the most important part of this event is to design and develop a powerful visual_identity that has the potential to expand and be repeated in the following years. To achieve this visual identity, a unique, powerful, and eye-catching trophy must first be designed that can have sufficient credibility as a symbol of the best brand of the year.
Focusing on the brief above, we started the design process by considering Digikala’s brand personality and limitations and came up with two options.


Option One

Based on the visual identity, design standards, and style of Digikala, the first option was a completely creative and different trophy design, based on the DK AWARD typography. The color was used to differentiate between different categories of the event.
We executed this solution in three different ways.

1-1 Golden Version

1-2 Colorful Version

1-3 Silver Version

Digikala Box

Option Two

Because Digikala widely uses its boxes in all advertising and communication activities, the focus of this trophy was on the Digikala box.
With all the products of participating brands at the event being moved in this packaging, using these boxes will serve as a reminder of Digikala for the winners and the impact that Digikala has had on their business.

2-1 First Version

2-2 Second Version

Event Key Visual

We Designed!

Following the design process, Digikala’s marketing team chose the second solution, and we proceeded with designing the event visual for this option, which we will see the results below.


Due to the Covid-10 pandemic

this project was completely canceled and never implemented.

The team

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Creative Team

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Art Team

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